Kia Pushes to Educate Teen Drivers Nationwide


Kia has partnered up with Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe (BRAKES), an organization that works to educate teen drivers, in an effort to promote safe driving habits across the nation. The push reflects Kia’s efforts to help cut down on injuries and fatalities on U.S. roads, says Used Car Dealer Birmingham. Recently, the automaker and BRAKES held a Teen Pro-Active Driving School in the Bay Area of California, where about 150 young drivers and their parents participated in the training.

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Toyota Uses NASCAR to Show Off Hydrogen Tech

2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Richmond

Toyota showed off the future of mobility recently as the 2016 Mirai paced the Toyota Owners 400 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. The hydrogen fuel cell electric car performed its duties flawlessly at the Richmond International Raceway, showcasing the kind of technology that once day could show up at Houma Toyota Dealer.

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Scion Introduces Sporty New iM Hatchback


Designed for younger drivers who demand value, versatility and a vivacious ownership experience, the 2016 Scion iM will go on sale this fall at locations like the Scion Dealer Minneapolis. Before then, however, the stylish new iM made its public premiere at the New York International Auto Show, where the brand promised to not only deliver on all fronts, but do so with an MSRP of less than $20,000.

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Nissan Suggests New Direction for Hybrid Technology


If you ask anybody that isn’t an auto industry geek what they know about hybrid vehicles, they’ll probably be able to tell you that they are a bit better on gas than a traditional model but they cost more to buy. While the latter part of that scenario is becoming less-so these days as the take-up of hybrids gets better, the technology is still shackled with an image of economy over everything else. The guys at Birmingham Nissan will know that there’s more potential to hybrid technology than just impressive fuel economy ratings, but they’re industry professionals. However, their manufacturer is giving signs that it may see hybrids as more than just an exercise in frugality, with its Murano Hybrid that was on display at the Shanghai Motor Show recently.

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Ford Shows off the Focus RS in New York


Ford is using the 2015 New York International Auto Show to stage the United States debut of the all-new Focus RS. The model makes use of the innovative Ford Performance All-Wheel Drive. Conshohocken Ford Dealer customers who dare get behind the wheel of the hot hatch will learn that it can tear around corners at incredible speeds without losing control, which makes for excellent driving enjoyment for any car enthusiast.

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Chevy Going Big on Electricity

2016 Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid Lithium-Ion Battery System, 1.8L En

Japanese auto giant Toyota may have turned its back on all-electric vehicle technology, at least for the time being, but Chevrolet is going big on EVs as well expending its hybrid offering. Hot on the heels of announcing its new all-electric vehicle based on the Bolt EV concept and the introduction of the 2016 Volt, comes word of an advanced hybrid version of the next-generation Malibu. As gas prices now appear to have fallen as far as they are likely to go and are already showing signs of rising again, it’s great news for the folks at your Moline Chevrolet dealership that the U.S. auto giant is keeping all its technological options open.

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Challenger Races to All-time February Sales Record


Thanks to powered-up sales from the Portland Dodge dealership and other brand locations, the Dodge Challenger just closed the books on its best February sales performance ever. Of course, record-setting sales have begun to become a habit with the Challenger, which has now achieved new volume benchmarks for five consecutive months. This latest milestone marked another massive increase, too, as the Challenger delivered 5,255 units in February, for a 42 percent improvement over the same month in 2014.

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Kia Creates Off-Road Concept Vehicle


Kia showed a potentially exciting new direction for the brand by revealing the Trail’ster e-AWD concept vehicle during the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. The bold crossover features strong styling cues and is based on the popular Soul urban passenger vehicle, a model well-known at Kailua Kia dealership. It was created as a way for urban dwellers to get around during the week, yet still be able to engage in outdoor adventures on the weekends, tackling environmental factors like mud, snow, rugged trails and streams. The company’s California design studio dreamed up the upscale mountain-ready crossover, which is the same team that created the GT4 Stinger and Track’ster concepts.

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Another Whacky Idea from Japan

Houston Honda Dealership

Although most of their models don’t exactly get your heart beating faster like muscle cars or performance roadsters do, there’s little doubt about the quality and practicality of the vast majority of Japanese vehicles. However, even though you usually know pretty much what to expect from a visit to your Houston Honda Dealership, that doesn’t stop the manufacturer from coming up with the odd idea that is quite frankly, bizarre.

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Mazda Scoops Three Top Honors

Mazda Dealership Marion

There are more awards for vehicles and manufacturers these days than it’s possible to keep track of, but to paraphrase George Orwell, “some awards are more equal than others.” That’s why when Kelly Blue Book’s announces an award, you can guarantee that the guys at your Mazda Dealership Marion sit up and take notice. But when their manufacturer takes three top honors in the same awards with three different models, you can be sure that the rest of the industry and the media is sitting-up and taking notice as well.

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