Kia Creates Off-Road Concept Vehicle


Kia showed a potentially exciting new direction for the brand by revealing the Trail’ster e-AWD concept vehicle during the 2015 Chicago Auto Show. The bold crossover features strong styling cues and is based on the popular Soul urban passenger vehicle, a model well-known at Kailua Kia dealership. It was created as a way for urban dwellers to get around during the week, yet still be able to engage in outdoor adventures on the weekends, tackling environmental factors like mud, snow, rugged trails and streams. The company’s California design studio dreamed up the upscale mountain-ready crossover, which is the same team that created the GT4 Stinger and Track’ster concepts.

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Another Whacky Idea from Japan

Houston Honda Dealership

Although most of their models don’t exactly get your heart beating faster like muscle cars or performance roadsters do, there’s little doubt about the quality and practicality of the vast majority of Japanese vehicles. However, even though you usually know pretty much what to expect from a visit to your Houston Honda Dealership, that doesn’t stop the manufacturer from coming up with the odd idea that is quite frankly, bizarre.

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Mazda Scoops Three Top Honors

Mazda Dealership Marion

There are more awards for vehicles and manufacturers these days than it’s possible to keep track of, but to paraphrase George Orwell, “some awards are more equal than others.” That’s why when Kelly Blue Book’s announces an award, you can guarantee that the guys at your Mazda Dealership Marion sit up and take notice. But when their manufacturer takes three top honors in the same awards with three different models, you can be sure that the rest of the industry and the media is sitting-up and taking notice as well.

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Honda Retaining its Key Values

2014 Honda Accord EX-L V-6 CoupePlenty has been said in recent times about how Honda needs to reach-out beyond its core demographic of buyers to a more youthful audience. It’s no secret either that this is also an area that the Japanese automaker has itself identified as needing to be developed for a future of sustained growth. However, the team at Orange Honda will be well aware of the strong values the brand is already renowned for, and the last thing anyone would want to see is for those values to be compromised, or abandoned in the pursuit of a new group of buyers. It’s all well and good to bring new consumers to a brand, but the last thing any business wants to do is to alienate and lose its existing ones. But if anyone has been worrying that it was going to fall into that particular trap, there’s plenty of proof that that’s anything but the case.

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Scion Tight-Lipped About New Sedan

Sacramento Scion Dealership

We already knew that Scion was going to give us a production version of the iM concept that it unveiled last November at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but a rebadged version of the European Toyota Auris on its own probably isn’t going to invigorate the brand in the way its dealers would like or need. However, there appears to be plenty more on the horizon for the folks at your Sacramento Scion Dealership to smile about in the form of the brand’s first-ever sedan, which is set to be unveiled at the New York Auto Show in April.

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Chevrolet Highlights Forward Collision Alert Technology

Chevrolet Safety Rear Alert

Chevrolet is promoting its forward collision alert technology, heralding it as a way to prevent rear-end crashes. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says that such wrecks account for 25 percent of road accidents reported to police agencies across the United States each year. The automaker argues that with the right technology, such incidents are mostly preventable. A number of 2015 Chevy models come with Forward Collision Alert, some of which are available through a Chevrolet Fleet Dealer, including the Traverse, Silverado, Malibu, and Equinox. There are also select models that can have a Front Automatic Braking system that takes the solution even further by allowing the vehicle to slow down or even fully stop in different situations, like when the driver takes no action after an alert sounds out.

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Backward Step for 2015 Challenger Safety

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT Plus

If you were in the market for something like a midsize family sedan and you heard that the new model of the car you were interested in hadn’t done as well in crash test results as the model it had replaced, you’d probably at least think about looking at something else. Thankfully for the folks at your Tuscaloosa Dodge dealership, the car they sell that isn’t coming out as well in safety testing as the model it has replaced is the 2015 Challenger. While a backward step in crash test ratings isn’t exactly something to be celebrated, it’s not the sort of thing that is going to put too many people off buying something like a new Challenger.

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Nissan Boss Makes Case for EV Technology

2015 Nissan LEAFIf there was anybody you might expect to champion the cause of all-electric vehicles, it’s the man in charge of the company that builds the world’s most popular EV, the Nissan LEAF. It will therefore have come as little surprise to the folks at Broomall Nissan when Carlos Ghosn, the president and CEO of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd, recently took a little dig at hydrogen fuel cell technology on his LinkedIn Influencer page about why EVs are the theoretical wave of the future.

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Ford Introduces Improvements for Sync 3 System

FordSYNC3_05_HRFord has introduced a number of infotainment system improvements with the unveiling of Sync 3.  The new setup will make it so vehicles at Augusta Ford Dealership will provide a faster, easier-to-use infotainment interface that should make drivers happier. Among the improvement is a screen that operates more like a smartphone’s, a voice recognition technology that allows for conversational speech, and on-screen graphics that are easier to read. Right now, over 10 million vehicles around the world have Sync systems, with the next generation arriving in 2015.

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Don’t Drink the Water (Probably)

Oak Brook ToyotaEverybody likes a good stunt, and ones that involve automobiles are of particular interest to an awful lot of us. But while we are all used to seeing various vehicles being put to the test and driven to their limits in both appropriate and completely inappropriate environments, there’s always someone willing to push the envelope just that little bit further. There is one stunt though, that has only been talked about and as far as we know at least, hasn’t actually been tried out by anyone yet. This particular trial would involve the tailpipe emissions from a Toyota Mirai, which the good people at Oak Brook Toyota know is the Japanese automaker’s zero-emissions fuel cell car that goes on sale in 2015.

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